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 Businesses for Sale

Hamel International’s people and partners have a long history of providing business services to new immigrants to Canada.  Saskatchewan is the hottest economy in North America and many business opportunities present themselves. 

One of the key services we can provide is the ability to identify, develop and implement business acquisition and partnership opportunities in Saskatchewan.  Hamel International has developed a dynamic database of business opportunities in Saskatchewan.  These opportunities include:

·         Buying an existing business

·         Equity investments

·         Business succession planning and Management take-over/contracts

·         Joint ventures and Partnerships

·         Franchises

·         Distributorship and Dealership

·         Network marketing

·         Licensing

·         Trade and Procurement

In Saskatchewan there are many types of industries to look for these opportunities.  These include:

·         Energy

·         Minerals

·         Biofuels

·         Agriculture

·         Servicing

·         Real estate

·         Tourism

·         Hospitality

·         Manufacturing

·         Biotechnology

·         Life Sciences

·         Sustainable Energy

·         Communications

·         Transportation

·         Education

·         Trade and logistics


We have over 400 business opportunities in Saskatchewan.  If you are interested in businesses for sale or opportunities in Saskatchewan please contact us.   We will review your background and intentions and provide sample opportunities in Saskatchewan for you and your family. 




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