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Hamel International is a Saskatchewan-based company that has provided valued services to our clients helping individuals and businesses invest, trade, identify partners, visit, study and immigrate to Saskatchewan for nearly 10 years. Since 2001, we procured over 60 million dollars’ worth of goods, services and investment between Saskatchewan and Asia and assisted dozens of newcomers make Saskatchewan their home.

Hamel International offers more than just international consulting services. What sets us apart is simple. At Hamel International, our mind-set is deeply rooted in sound practices and values and our outlook remains global. In today’s environment, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on an in-depth knowledge of their business, their family and most importantly their goals. We strive to provide optimum business and professional services designed to ensure our clients realize their goals.

Hamel International works with people and business on many levels whether it is a Saskatchewan individual looking to procure goods from China to sell on the internet or an Indian business person starting a franchise in Saskatchewan, to some of Saskatchewan’s and China’s largest companies looking at partnerships.

Hamel International is an international business consulting firm that assists companies expand their businesses by identifying global marketing and sourcing opportunities, conducting feasibility analyses, projecting consumer receptivity, evaluating trends, and more in Canada and Asia.

Hamel International’s global reach enables companies to expand beyond their borders to investigate and seize opportunities for cost-effective methods of doing business. We are experienced in working at home in Canada, and abroad in countries as diverse as China.



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