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Brent K. Hamel – President

Born and educated in Saskatchewan, Brent Hamel has been involved in business immigration matters since 1990 when he first started with Employment and Immigration Canada (now the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)) in Ottawa. In the Business Immigration Branch in CIC, Brent was involved in many aspects of the Immigrant Investor Program, including compliance audits, enforcement, program guidelines and policy as well as correspondence with immigrants and Canadian Embassies.

In 1997, Brent left CIC to expand the immigration and business consulting operations of a law firm and a consultancy office with head offices in Hong Kong and Montreal. During this time, he has been involved in providing consulting services to business persons from Asia, mainly Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Brent has assisted hundreds of businesses and families from Asia achieve personal and business success in Canada.

In 2001, Brent established Hamel International in Saskatchewan. Hamel International is a business consulting company that connects people and business in Asia and Saskatchewan.

In 2007, Brent established Living Skies Capital. Its mission is to provide Saskatchewan companies with business services that help them become more successful by introducing them to international markets.

To compliment his experiences, Brent is a member of the Saskatchewan Trade Export Partnership (STEP) and is completing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designations.

Elaine F. Burnett – Partner

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Elaine Burnett, CCIC, FMI, Business Commerce Diploma, with over 25 years of experience in immigration and an extensive background in international trade, immigration and travel. Elaine spent two years overseas in London, England promoting Saskatchewan Tourism and Economic Development.

Elaine is a certified member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a Fellow of the Canadian Migration Institute, and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. Elaine is President and Chief Executive Officer of Burnett Immigration Services Inc., established July 2003. Burnett Immigration Services is a full-service immigration firm with an expertise in immigrants wishing to settle in Saskatchewan. BIS has grown extensively over the last few years and now has 5 full time staff who bring a wealth of immigration and international business experience as well as language capabilities in Tagalog, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

Elaine is a member of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Canadian Home Builders Association; and, has been a member of numerous other business associations

Elaine has worked with Canadian companies to fill labour needs from markets including South Africa, China, Colombia, England, Korea, Ireland, Mexico, Philippines, Serbia, United Kingdom, United States, and the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BIS has formed partnerships with recruiting companies in Saskatchewan, Canada, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and China to better serve Canadian companies in their search for employees.

Rodney J. Megill – Advisor

Rod earned a Bachelor of Arts in Law from Carleton University, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Concordia University and a Master’s Degree from the Lundquist School of Business at the University of Oregon.

Rod Megill is a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant and full member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. An accomplished immigration specialist with over 20 years’ experience, Rod worked for Citizenship and Immigration Canada for 16 years until 2001. As Senior Policy Advisor for the Business Immigration Branch, Rod was instrumental in developing the new regulatory framework and operational policy framework for the Immigrant Investor Program.

As a Senior Immigration Officer, Rod completed foreign-based work assignments in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Philippines, Europe and the United States. From 2001 to 2004 Rod was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates working as the Middle East Marketing Manager for a leading Canadian Bank’s Immigrant Investor Program. Since 2004 Rod has managed RJMegill International Consulting, a Canada-based firm specializing in the delivery of professional services related to Canada’s Business Immigration Programs.

Dave Kutcher – Advisor

Born, raised and spending his career in Saskatchewan, Dave Kutcher has been involved in various business ventures, industrial development and immigration activities in the Province for over the past 20 years. Dave's extensive background in business includes personal interests in agriculture and small enterprise, investment brokering with the Royal Bank of Canada, and employment with the Province of Saskatchewan focussing on industrial development initiatives in the areas of manufacturing, agriculture, and renewable energy. In 2004, Dave started New Energy Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in advancing businesses and projects related to renewable and alternative energy, and energy efficiency.

Dave's immigration background includes employment at Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the Immigrant Investor Section and with Business Immigration Programs at the Province of Saskatchewan. Roles at the federal and provincial governments included monitoring and compliance, regulatory development, immigrant attraction, and business development assistance. Dave represented and promoted Saskatchewan at business immigrant attraction missions throughout Europe and South America.

In addition to close involvement in the renewable energy industry, New Energy Consulting Inc. also actively pursues linkages between international and Canadian enterprises in a multitude of sectors including forestry, mining, manufacturing, and various others. Combining extensive knowledge and experience, Dave is uniquely positioned to assist international immigrants, entrepreneurs and investors to pursue successful business interests in Canada.

William Patryluk – Advisor  

Mr. Patryluk is the co-founder and Managing Director of Global Bridge Group. He has been doing business with and in China since 1993. He is the Special Advisor on Canada for the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association of China, and a special projects consultant to Beijing Senior Secretary College and Shandong Education Commission. Mr. Patryluk is also an honorary Professor at Jinan University, Liaocheng University and a Foreign Affairs Consultant to the China Youth & Children’s Research Center, the China Youth Publishing Group and the China Environmental Protection Foundation. He is a co-founder of The Sino Energy Consortium (Canada) Limited and current President and a Founding Director of The Canada China Friendship Association of Greater Vancouver.

Kent Shan – Advisor

Mr. Shan has worked with Global Bridge for the past two years developing its training services and study abroad programs in Shandong province.

Mr. Shan is also the owner and operator of Shanjiao Office for Overseas Studies and Global Bridge Group is their exclusive partner in Shandong province.

From 1994 – 1998 Mr. Shan was the Deputy Director and section manager of the overseas affairs office in Shandong Institute of Light Industry. He then transferred to the Foreign Affairs Office in Shandong Bureau of Education when he was sponsored to study in Germany for one year. Upon his return he worked for the Dean of International Department of Shandong Young Cadres Management College who assisted students going abroad. From 2001 to 2003 he was the Chairman & President of Jianda Foreign Language Training School in Jinan, Chairman & President of the Foreign Language Foundation College for studying overseas in Qingdao and Executive Chairman of Jianda Educational Investment Co. in Queensland Australia.

John C. Mah, Q.C.
John was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1977 and joined Chomicki Baril Mah in 1986. He practices mainly in the areas of corporate, commercial and real estate law. As well, he practices in all areas of immigration law dealing mainly with business immigration. John has assisted new immigrants invest nearly $200 million in Canada and continues to help identify investment and partnership opportunities in Western Canada for Chinese companies and new immigrants.  John frequently travels to China and Hong Kong to further these opportunities between Canada and China.       

John is active in community affairs, and among his activities, is past Governor of the University of Alberta; past National Chair of the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association and Chancellor (National Chair) of the Order of St. John. 


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