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Saskatchewan is one of North America’s strongest and fastest growing economies. Saskatchewan has weathered the economic storm and has been voted as one of North America’s best places to invest.

· Fifth largest oil producer in North America

· Supplies 1/5th of the world’s uranium production

· Accounts for 1/3rd of the world’s uranium production

· Supplies 1/3rd of the world’s durum wheat and lentil exports

· Highest job growth in Canada

The resources available in Saskatchewan have the capability to generate strong returns for the region and a significant long-term competitive advantage.

· Oil (Saskatchewan is the second-largest producer behind Alberta)

· Natural Gas (Saskatchewan is the nation’s third-largest producer)

· Coal (Canada’s third-largest producer)

· Uranium (Saskatchewan has about one-third of the world’s production of uranium)

· Potash (Saskatchewan has about one-third of the world’s reserves of potash)

· Gold (Significant deposits in northern SK)

· Base Metals (including Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel)

· Platinum Group Metals (Platinum and Palladium predominantly)

· Rare Earth Elements (about 10% of US demand alone for Yttrium)

· Diamonds

· Kaolin

· Forestry (for biomass, lumber, value-added)

· Alternative Energy Capability (significant solar and wind)

It’s no secret that Saskatchewan is rich in natural resources and is actively seeking foreign direct investment in this sector. Along with the numerous resource opportunities brings many opportunities in the following sectors:

· service

· agricultural biotechnology

· tourism

· high technology

· research and development

· sustainable energy

· education, health and wellness

· innovation

· life sciences

· retail

· construction

· finance,

· transportation

· manufacturing, and

· trade.

Many believe that because of this diversity, the growth is going to be strong and sustainable.



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