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Saskatchewan is home to world-class products and services.  Business in Saskatchewan reaches beyond its borders into markets around the world. Saskatchewan feeds, waters and energizes the world!

· In 2008, exports represented approximately 46% of Saskatchewan’s GDP

· The US accounts for over 60% of all exports from Saskatchewan

· Saskatchewan’s top trading partners are: US, China, India, UK and Japan

· From 2004 to 2008, exports to China increased an average of nearly 20% annually

The belief in lean, efficient and innovative industry has made Saskatchewan a center of excellence in agriculture, biotechnology, natural resources, oil and gas, arts and culture, information technology, construction, food and beverage, environmental, and financial services.

A document titled, 'Saskatchewan State of Trade 2010' notes the following:

· Export growth will continue to rely primarily on our vast wealth of natural resources past 2010.

· Global shifts are occurring between developing nations and the developed nations.

· India is surging forward with strong growth projections and will increasingly gain an appetite for Saskatchewan exports.

· China, an emerging superpower, has replaced Japan as our number 2 trading partner.

· the United States of America will continue to be the top trading partner for Saskatchewan both in terms of imports and exports.

A KPMG study on the cost of doing business, noted that Saskatchewan is one of cheapest locations in the world to locate a business. According to KPMG:

“In a comparison with all 98 North American cities Moose Jaw placed fifth, Prince Albert sixth, Saskatoon 21st, and Regina 28th. KPMG ranked all cities on the basis of costs for labour, taxation, facilities (land, construction, leasing rates), transportation, utilities, depreciation and financing.”

One of the largest competitive strengths of Saskatchewan is its location in the world relative to its major trading partner and market, United States. While ports are located long distances from Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan’s largest international trade partner is on its doorstep. Saskatchewan is also located close to Alberta’s major oil sands projects. The provinces location offers many lucrative opportunities for inter-provincial trade, and trade to United States well beyond 2011.



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