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1. Quality of Life

Saskatchewan residents have one of the highest living standards in the world and enjoy one of the lowest costs of living in the developed world. The average household is 250 sqm on a 450 sqm lot and costs around $250,000 (see comparison chart below). The maximum average commute for people living and working in the two largest cities is only 20 minutes!

City Housing Comparison


2. Low Taxes


Saskatchewan’s annual personal costs and taxes are among the lowest in Canada and our personal sales tax of 5% is the lowest of the nine provinces that charge a sales tax.

2008 Annual Personal Taxes*

· Saskatoon = $13,609

· ;> Regina = $13,489

· Vancouver  = $16,418

· Calgary = $17,365

· Toronto = $19,871

*Includes province income tax, health premiums, retail sales taxes, gasoline tax, telephone service and auto insurance.

3. Health Care


Saskatchewan pioneered universal health care in the 1940s and the government has made it a priority to ensure it is a high-quality, accessible and innovative. Unlike other provinces, there are no personal premiums or charges for health services in Saskatchewan. Newcomers to Saskatchewan have access to this free basic medical help.

4. Education


Education in Saskatchewan is publicly-funded and free for every child.

5. Community and Family Life


Saskatchewan was founded by immigrants and continues to grow today because of new immigrants. Communities throughout Saskatchewan welcome new immigrants. Because of the many cultures, there are numerous religious, cultural, recreational, leisure, sporting and volunteering opportunities in Saskatchewan throughout the year.

Residents in Saskatchewan may sponsor additional relatives to become permanent residents under the SINP. These may include: sons/daughters, brothers/sisters, parents, grandparents/grandchildren, aunts/uncles, cousins, nieces/nephews, step-family and in-laws.

6. Culture and Recreation


Saskatchewan is the sunniest province and has more golf courses per capita than any other province in Canada. With four distinct seasons, the temperature can vary from the mid-30’s in the summer to minus 30 in the winter.

Saskatchewan has 34 provincial parks, two national parks, over 100 regional parks, 100,000 lakes, over 250 golf courses (more per capita than any other place in North America!), world-class hunting and gaming opportunities, and natural wonders and wildlife. On any given day, one can go on their own Saskatchewan ‘safari’ and view free-range bison herds, soaring eagles, moose walking through the wet lands, elk on the golf course fairways, bear eating berries, packs of wolves howling, and otter frolicking in the rivers.

7. Strong and Diverse Economy


Saskatchewan is one of North America’s strongest and fastest growing economies. Along with the wealth of resource opportunities brings many opportunities in the following sectors:

· service

· tourism

· high technology

· research and development

· health and wellness

· innovation

· life sciences

· retail

· real estate development

· manufacturing, and

· trade.



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