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Saskatchewan’s job market is diverse and Saskatchewan currently has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

The economy in Saskatchewan has remained stable because of the diversity of these growing industries in Saskatchewan. The agriculture and resources industries are key components of the province’s economy, however, many more job fields have become important over the last five years and for years to come. Fields like health sciences, agri-food, biotechnology, natural resources, and transportation have become more important to Saskatchewan’s economy and that is why the population of Saskatchewan has steadily grown in the last five years after many years of population decline. Saskatchewan is home to internationally-recognized research projects such as the Canadian Light Source, the Petroleum Research Centre, Veterinary Infectious Diseases Organization. It is estimated that by 2011, Saskatchewan will require 70,000 additional workers to fill vacancies left by retiring baby boomers and to fill newly created positions in growing industries.

The wages in Saskatchewan are competitive to other major centres in Canada, however, the low cost of living and less-densely populated cities allow one to enjoy the extra money and free time! The average immigrant family income in 2005 was $92,932, third behind Alberta and Ontario. It is expected that this figure has increased to over $100,000 since 2005.


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