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Saskatchewan has the same form of government as the other Canadian provinces with a Lieutenant-Governor (who is the representative of the Crown in Right of Saskatchewan), premier, and a unicameral legislature.

For many years, Saskatchewan has been one of Canada's more left-leaning provinces, reflecting many of its citizens' feelings of alienation from the interests of large capital. In 1944 Saskatchewan became the first province to have government-funded mandatory universal medical insurance.

Provincial politics in Saskatchewan is dominated by the centre-left New Democrats and the centre-right Saskatchewan Party. After 16 years of New Democratic governments under premiers Roy Romanow and Lorne Calvert, the 2007 provincial election was won by the Saskatchewan Party under Brad Wall.

Federally, the province has been a stronghold of the New Democratic Party, although recent elections have been dominated by the Conservative Party. Of the 14 federal constituencies in Saskatchewan, 12 were won by members of the Conservative Party of Canada in 2006, and 13 of 14 were won by Conservatives in 2004, while the federal NDP has been shut out of the province for two consecutive elections.

Politically, the province is characterized by a dramatic urban-rural split - the federal and provincial NDP dominate in the cities, while the Saskatchewan Party and the federal Conservatives are stronger in the rural parts of the province.

Excerpt from Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan.



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