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Saskatchewan - beautiful prairies and forest - is also known as “The Land of Living Skies and 100,000 Lakes”.

Saskatchewan has it all – cosmopolitan urban centres, rural relaxation, eclectic festivals and wilderness exploration – and something for everyone in every season. The province and its people are ‘open’ year round.

The two cities of Regina and Saskatoon account for nearly 50% of the province’s population. Some people say these cities have undergone ‘extreme makeovers’ in recent years and now offer world-class dining, accommodation, night-life, sporting and arts and cultural events.

Although Saskatchewan has a ‘young’ history, it has a diverse and strong arts and cultural community. Residents come from many different backgrounds and many internationally renowned authors, artists and musicians call Saskatchewan home. The recent increase in immigration has brought even greater diversity and now the cities boast numerous cuisines and cultural and sporting events.

Saskatchewan has 34 provincial parks, two national parks, over 100 regional parks, 100,000 lakes, over 250 golf courses (more per capita than any other place in North America!), world-class hunting and gaming opportunities, and natural wonders and wildlife. On any given day one can go on their own Saskatchewan ‘safari’ and view free-range bison herds, soaring eagles, moose walking through the wet lands, elk on the golf course fairways, bear eating berries, packs of wolves howling, and otter frolicking in the rivers.

Whether you visit in the summer football season, or throughout the winter, you will find residents wearing the green-and-white colours, which are the province’s national football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

There is no doubt that tourism is becoming one of the strongest industries in Saskatchewan, offering great opportunities for visitors and business opportunities for residents.



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